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The human response
itself is a variable.


The Herbal Consultation.

The consultation in herbal medicine involves telling your own story.  It begins by me listening and hearing what you are saying.  It also involves observing and understanding what is going on for you.  It offers the opportunity to build a working relationship together, because your journey of health and healing cannot be done alone, and I am here to work with you, not for you.  Part of the joy of herbal medicine is you get to take the medicine with you, and be with it on a daily basis. The appointment itself doesn't involve any tangible medicine, rather the conversations provide me with a deeper understanding of who I'm dealing with.  Which offers me the ability to sort out who you get to meet in the plant world. 

The initial consultation can last one to two hours as this is your whole story from birth until present day.  It is best to come with an open heart and an open mind.  This not only helps build on my knowledge of you, but also helps you receive the best I and the plants can provide. 

Follow up appointments are ideally spaced 4 to 5 weeks apart as this ensures you're heading along the right path with your herbs.  This time frame is long enough to take note of any changes, obvious or subtle, and reflect on the time past. It also offers time to re-evaluate what herbs we are using, and the space to adjust, add or eliminate if required. Follow-ups are scheduled for 30 minutes. 

It is necessary for me to muse the conversation had and the herbal preparation(s) that will be formulated for you.  This is often completed within 24 hours and followed up with you to discuss the protocol I have put together.  Once agreement is met I formulate your remedies and pickup is scheduled at your convenience.  

In A Capsule.

  • Lasts 1.5 to 2 hours

  • The opportunity to share your story

  • Build a working relationship with Taylor

  • Check-in every 2-5 weeks to:

    • observe changes

    • ensure direction is positive

    • get the best from the herbs, Taylor and yourself


Including All Applicable Taxes

* herbal medicine is additional *
Head over here for pricing on herbal medicine. 


Initial consultation

$ 130



$ 50 

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