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  • What is herbal medicine?
    This is a loaded question, and could be discussed for hours, if not days. To state it simply though, herbal medicine involves the use of plants to support good health and well-being of body, mind and spirit.
  • How are herbs used?
    There are many avenues to utilize plant medicines. The most common are herbal teas and tinctures. A tea is of course a water extract of dried plant material. A tincture is a hydro-ethanol (water + alcohol) extract. There are other ways to ingest herbs by using glycerites, capsules, infused oils, syrups and honeys, lozenges and even powders in/on our food. Topically we can utilize salves, creams, ointments, balms, herbal baths and liniments.
  • Why use herbal medicine?
    Herbal medicine offers a unique therapy to support balance and well-being. With it we engage a truly nature-based form of medicine that allows us to further integrate with our natural world in a deeper way. I suggest reading the about page on herbal medicine for further reason.
  • How long do I need to take the herbal medicine before seeing results?
    This varies on a case to case basis as each individual will respond in their own way as well are coming from their own set of circumstances and health challenges. To put an idea of time out there though, one should anticipate 4-6 weeks of consistent dosing. This being said, some individuals may feel positive changes sooner, subtle or not. I believe people who keep with herbal medicine are the ones to reap the full benefits. Particularly, because health is built over time. Remember herbs nudge our bodies towards balance and time makes that subtle nudge significant.
  • What can I expect from the initial consultation?
    During the initial consultation you and I will chat about your story, from childhood until present day. I obtain a blueprint of your current situation and the starting point of our relationship, including the plants. It can take upwards of two hours to get through it all and the more details that are shared, the better. This allows me to see the full picture of who you are and what plants might best be suited for you. In addition, an informed consent file will be signed prior to your appointment, as well an initial intake form which will be sent upon appointment confirmation. Please feel free to read the consultation page for a further detail.
  • How much does herbal medicine cost?
    All forms of herbal medicine vary in price but the most common forms are detailed below in the pricing section. The prices vary depending on what form of herbal medicine is dispensed, the herbs and the amount. Herbal medicine is intended to be accessible to all and remedies can be altered to suit your needs best.
  • What is a tincture?
    A tincture is a water-alcohol (hydro-ethanol) extract of plant material. This extracted fluid is a tincture. The alcohol typically used is grain alcohol, but other alcohols can be used. Please note that through the process of distillation the grain alcohol contains zero gluten, as this protein is far too heavy to make its way through the process.

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There are various routes of administrating herbal medicine, which the prices

reflect this according to the amount and form of herbal medicine dispensed. 

Please refer to the pricing chart below. 

Pricing Anchor


100 mL ..................... $27

140 mL ..................... $36

250 mL ..................... $65

500 mL ..................... $110


25 g ..................... $7.5

50 g ..................... $15

100 g ..................... $25


Prices for all of these remedies are based on their ingredients as each will vary depending on the situation.


Including All Applicable Taxes

* herbal medicine is additional *


Initial consultation

$ 130


$ 50 

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