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Herbal Medicine.

Herbal medicine draws on the wisdom of the plant kingdom in order to provide balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit.  Plants create numerous compounds in order for their own survival and some of these compounds affect our own physiology and psychology. 

Using plant medicine is much different than what is commonly experienced with medicines today.   First of all, we have to alter our expectations when we first start out, of which we will discuss during the consultation.  This medicine works slower than the rapid pharmaceuticals that many are used to.  Think of the plants working like the minute hand on a clock, moving along alright but almost imperceptibly.  Until, after some time we notice significant changes have taken place and possibly even without our own awareness.  Duration of therapy is decided upon many factors and this will also be reviewed during our conversation. 

Herbal medicine is holistic medicine. This means the whole person is taken in account, both the tangible and intangible aspects of our nature are explored and considered a part of your wellness. 

It can be used by young and old, strong and weak, sick and well.  It is a part of our human heritage and inherent in our soul. The nature around us is a reflection of our own nature, and using herbal medicine has near instinctual qualities.  We would be wise to use these medicines, not just for our benefit but that of the world and mother nature as well.  

I believe plants have plenty to teach us and through the use of their medicine we are able to integrate with nature on a deeper level and build a more sustainable, healthy and beautiful tomorrow.  



Hi, my name is Taylor Jeffery and I am a husband, a father, a runner, a gardener, and an herbalist.  My fascination with the plant kingdom began when I started taking care of my own health, recognizing that there are plants out in our world that have abilities to affect our bodies and minds.  I began my studies at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, British Columbia and completed their Diploma of Phytotherapy program in 2015.  My study and understanding of plant medicines continue to this day, as the more I learn in this field the more I realize there is to learn. 


My vision ever since I began learning about herbal medicine has been grand.  I have the goal of cultivating a diverse herb garden, with Mozart playing amongst the plants while caring for them and make medicine from the harvest. Then, by joining this medicine with the people in my community - to serve them and help support balanced health in body and mind -  completes the dream.  I also strive to offer my knowledge and experience to anyone willing to learn and listen.  

The Hollyhock.

Why the Hollyhock?

Sadly my father died unexpectedly in March of 2016, shortly after completing my schooling.  His death was a tragic end to a full, but shorter than anticipated life.  He always loved hollyhocks, and although I never had the chance to ask him why, I know he enjoyed their presence and beauty. 

So this name is one small way I honor the legacy my father left behind, while keeping him close.  His presence is with me in the garden, and grows with me as I venture on this path of understanding what it is to be me. Miss you dad. 

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